Hi -my name is Rachel and welcome to Yonder Wild !  A little about me…I am a married, stay at home mother of a 6 year old son.  My husband and I decided to make our home in a semi-urban area of the Philadelphia suburbs after many years of living in the mountains of North Carolina.  I like to cook, sew, dig in the dirt and create things; I love art, music and nature.  I believe in laughter, positivity, and being a good person.  This is my first blog.

Yonder Wild represents going beyond conventional bounds of common domestication to  something more, something greater than the expected.  It is about living simply and creating your own beautiful experience in the world.

In this blog I will focus on various aspects of creative living that make my life what it is.  I hope you will find inspiration in my experience and be encouraged do something you haven’t tried.

FOOD – I love food, and I home cook almost every meal our family eats.  My boys are Omnivores, but I have been a Vegetarian for 18 years. While I do occasionally cook meat, our main diet is heavy on vegetables and frequently vegetarian.  Although they are never quite one-pot, my meals tend to layer on each other once on the plate. Everyone gets the same meal (with the exception of meat) and I don’t cater towards the notion “kid food”. While I occasionally use my microwave, I skip most processed quick meal foods for homemade versions.  Just because it is homemade doesn’t mean it has to take all day though; so most of my dinners take between 20-45 minutes to cook.  I will sometimes use a recipe that I see on a cooking show or in a magazine or cookbook, but I like to use them more as jumping off points.  I tend to get inspired by a flavor profile or technique and then make my own meals and recipes from that.  In the food section I will showcase meals that I am making, recipes I have created or particularly love, and techniques that are good to have in your repertoire.  Hopefully I can get you to try something new!

GARDEN –  When we bought our house in 2008 we had a bare bones yard and we have experimented with the landscaping since.  Last year we planted our first tree!  We started a vegetable garden a couple of years ago to supplement our summer meals and every year it gets a little better.  We mainly do organic gardening, even though sometimes I am tempted to give in to get rid of some stupid invasive pest (I’m talking to you Leafminers!).  We raise our veggies from seed and try to pick things that we can use in our kitchen easily.

DOMESTICS – I like to be surrounded by beautiful spaces and I don’t believe beauty only wears the biggest price tags.  In my home, I create spaces we love to be in because of the feel of them.  Our pieces are handmade or collected from family and friends, big box stores, small boutiques and artists, thrift stores, curb-side and more.  In this section I will talk about design, domestic projects and creative home living…from my perspective.

PROJECTS – I like to sew, craft, and fix up things myself (or with my husband’s help).  A lot of times I will see something and think “I can do something with that”, and voila…it’s project time!

ENTERTAINMENT – I love music, art, books, movies, plays, etc.  To save my friends the hassle of listening to me rave on endlessly about how great a book or new band I found is..I’ll do it here.

PLACES – I believe in getting out and doing stuff.  Whether it is hiking in the woods, checking out a museum, or going to a new town or neighborhood, I think there is adventure to be had everywhere.  We are nature and art lovers, so our outings tend to veer in this direction, and we also mostly do things as a family.  Hopefully I can inspire you to look deeper in your own neck of the woods.

LIFE – This is my “everything else” category – parenting, humor, stuff that’s on my mind.  You know…Life stuff!

All photos are taken by me, unless otherwise said.  Please credit me if you share!

Thanks for checking out my blog; if you liked what you saw, please follow me!  – Rachel 

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