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Hot Cocoa Gift Bags

Hot Cocoa Gift Bags

These gift bags are a cute way to share some holiday spirit with your children’s classmates and friends. It’s an easy, cheap and delicious way to warm up a winter day.  Plus, the kids really love them!

For supplies, per gift bag, you’ll need:

1 Packet of Hot Cocoa

1 Candy Cane

1 Holiday Themed Napkin

Handful of Mini-Marshmallows

1 Gift Tag Label

*For the gift bag itself – I chose from a selection of holiday themed “treat bags” at the craft store.

Put all the items neatly in the bag. I folded the napkin in half and slipped it and the cocoa in first.  Then put the candy cane in front of those items.  Finally I bent the bag open a bit wider and sprinkled the marshmallows in loosely.  Fold over the bag and clamp with a single staple to stabilize. (You will seal the bag further when you staple on the label.)

I designed my own labels using Microsoft Word; the Santa picture is clip art.  I used craft scissors to give an interesting “snowy” edge to the label and had my son sign his name to personalize it.  I then attached the label to the bag using staples.  You can use my labels by downloading and printing this template onto card stock – Hot Cocoa Holiday Label.
Labels to personalize

All in all, this year we made 45 treat bags, which took me about 2 hours to make from start to finish.  (Including having a 6 year old sign his name neatly 45 times!)  It should go faster if you are using my pre-made labels though.

plenty for friends

Happy Holidays!