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Weaving Webs – a Halloween Activity for Kids

Weaving Webs

This year I am once again volunteering in my son’s class at his elementary school.  Halloween is our first big party of the year and I was asked to provide a craft activity for the first graders.  Last year, I did Pumpkin/Ghost Bowling and a Pumpkin Bag Toss but this year I wanted to try something different.  After poking around Pinterest I found a couple cute spider web ideas using paper plates and yarn, yet no instructions.  So I took the idea and made it my own!  What I really like about this activity is how it uses multiple types of skills.  The kids will practice their fine motor skills with “sewing”, their math skills by figuring out and following the numerical order, and finally their creative & imagination skills in the decorating.  Plus, the webs are super cute for Halloween!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper Plates (those cheap plain white ones)

Yarn (I like bright orange)

X-Acto Knife (or similar) – you can use scissors if necessary

Hole Punch

Scotch Tape


Marker or Pen 

Plastic Spiders (optional)

Plus – Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils, Stickers, Glitter…or whatever you want to use to decorate!

IMG_0095Using an X-Acto Knife, remove the center of the paper plate.  I left about a 1/4″ space around the center borderline.  Use this Plate Spider Web Template I created with traceable dimensions.  If you don’t have an X-Acto Knife you can poke a hole in the center of the plate and cut outward (until you get to the center borderline) and then follow your cut line until the center of the plate is removed.

cut out the center of the plateAgain, using the Plate Spider Web Template trace your hole locations.  If you are doing more than one, you can use the first plate as an easy template for the rest.  Place the already cut plate on top of the other and use a pencil to shade in the holes.

use the first plate as a templateUse a hole punch and poke out all the holes.

Punch out the holesNumber the holes on the back side of the plate with your marker.  Make sure it is clear for the kids to be able to read.  Refer to the template above for the number order.

number the holesAt this point let the kids decorate the front side of their plates.  Do anything you want. My son put Halloween themed drawings (like ghosts, candy, and pumpkins), while I just did simple black and orange stripes.

Decorate the plateCut the yarn into 7′-8′ pieces.  Then take the scotch tape and roll it around one of the ends of yarn.  This will help keep the yarn from becoming a mess and it kind of works like a needle.

roll one end with tapeAttach the other end of the yarn to one of the holes.  Tie the end into a knot so that the kids won’t get frustrated by the yarn popping out.

tie the yarn to the first holeNow it’s time to let the kids weave their webs!  Remind them that they should lace the yarn through the hole on whichever side of the plate the previously laced yarn lands.  For instance, some holes will lace from the back of the plate and some from the front but no yarn will go around the plate edges.

weave the yarn When it is finished you will have a tail to hang it up with.  Give the kids a spider or two and let them play around with their webs.  Happy Halloween!

finished spider web plate