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Earth Day Activities for Kindergartners

Earth DayToday I went into my son’s Kindergarten class to help spread the word about Earth Day.  I think environmentalism is an important lesson; unfortunately it isn’t taught in every home.  So I asked the teacher if I could come in, read a book and do an Earth Day activity with the kids to help teach them about taking care of the Earth.  The obvious choice for a story was the classic Dr. Suess tale about ecology – The Lorax.  

The Lorax by Dr. SuessAfter reading the story and talking a little bit about the content, we talked about ways that we could help take care of the Earth.  I made a poster (with help from my artist husband) that showed simple steps that I thought Kindergartners would both understand and be able to do themselves.

Ways to help the Earth posterWith the poster visible for reference, I handed out a worksheet that I made that said “Earth Day 2013” and had a little poem about protecting the Earth.  In the center is a blank area that the kids could color in with pictures of the Earth and themselves doing something to help take care of her.  Feel free to download (Earth Day Coloring Page) and use it in your home or classroom.

Earth Day Coloring Pages

The kids seemed to enjoy having choices from the idea poster to work off and each picture was unique.

Kids coloring in projectFinally, what visit to a classroom doesn’t include a little sweet treat…I mean this was an Earth Birthday Party so to speak…so we had Earth Pops!  I cut out circles from blue construction paper and the glued squiggly green construction paper shapes on top to give the illusion of the continents.  A small “x” was razor sliced into the center of the globes and then I simply slid a lollipop through the hole.  After eating their pops, many kids glued the Earth shapes to their coloring pages too.

Earth PopsIt may not be much, but every little seed of good that is planted with these kids now is better than not planting the seed at all.

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

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