Getting Ready for Growing Season

Digging in the dirt

The soil in the garden looks so rich and beautiful this year and there are worms galore!

Before the weather is warm enough to sow seeds and tender plants, there is plenty to do in the garden.  The past two weekends we have spent time “spring cleaning” the yard and getting ready for growing season. Throughout the fall and winter, perennials die back and leaves collect around the yard.  The veggie garden sprouts new weeds and fencing needs repair.  This is a the perfect time of year to take note of the state of your landscape and prep it for new growth.  Here’s what we have been doing:

– trimming bushes to encourage healthy growth and good shape

– trimming away the dead flowers, stems, and leaves from plants that will regrow and flower again

– digging up plants that we are removing from our landscape (it is much easier to do this before it wakes up and digs in!)

– relocating plants and bushes that we will be using elsewhere (again..this is much easier before they “wake up”!)

– raking away all the leaves and debris that has collected over the winter

– digging out remaining annuals from flower pots and planters

– weeding and turning over the soil in the veggie garden and adding any soil enhancers like manure

– tilling (or digging) out additional space needed in the garden and landscape in preparation for planting

– checking on, and repairing or replacing, garden fencing

Now our yard looks like it got a nice Spring haircut!  Within days of clearing things out there was noticeable new growth.  Things grow quickly once the rain and sun start working together in April, and in the next few weeks there will be much more work to be done.

Here’s a peek at the progress of our seedlings….

veggie seedlings

I am not thrilled by their progress, but it doesn’t seem like a total loss.  The blank area is mostly failed Lavender seeds. The most successful seedlings seem to be the tomatoes.  Some of them are starting to get their first set of leaves and will need to be thinned out this week.  Hopefully once that happens, we will get some hardy growth in the final weeks before planting outdoors.


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