Early Spring on Rehoboth Beach

on rehoboth beachMy husband is a teacher, so when Spring Break comes around the whole family has off.  This year we stayed local, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have a bit of fun.  One of the things we like to do when we travel is to visit local breweries.  It is a fun way to taste the local flavor, get cool souvenirs and of course, drink good craft beer. In that vein, on our local “to visit” list is the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware.  Luckily, the pub is located in Rehoboth Beach, and who doesn’t love a trip to the beach!   Perfect choice for a Spring Break DAY TRIP…

We started by walking around and checking out the area.  I was surprised at how many businesses were open for it being “off-season.”   While it was not too busy, we certainly were not the only ones around (in the off season dogs can have have fun on the beach too).  Parking was easy and free and the with a jacket, the forty degree weather wasn’t too bad either.

Dogfish Head Beer

Dogfish Head Brewing and Eats was the perfect spot for lunch. We got a table right away when we stopped in at 1pm, and the place was bustling.  This is a pub, not just a bar so don’t worry about bringing kids; it was very family friendly at lunch.  In fact, my son got a really cool kids menu with a friendship bracelet kit, MAD Libs and more.  The food was great and there was lots of stuff to choose from.  My husband raved about their spicy homemade IPA Pickles!  The highlight though, of course, was the beer.  Beer geeks will know Dogfish is known for their killer IPA’s and it was definitely a treat to drink a draft 90 minute IPA.  (We also bought a couple bottles of the elusive “Holy Grail” 120 Minute IPA to take home for a special occasion too!)  We got a brewery sampler and tried some of the other beers available as well.  Each was unique and interesting to sample, especially the Raison D’Etre.  Quite simply this tasted like wine-beer;  I have never had anything else like it.  It was exactly what you think beer mixed with wine (actually grapes) would taste like.  While not something I would order a lot of, it was the embodiment of Dogfish Head’s style.  They are not afraid to mix flavors and make new and exciting brews that are worth talking about. We had a great time, a great meal and some really great beer. (*I got a cool t-shirt too!)

Beer in belly, we headed back down to the beach for some afternoon fun.  We brought a blanket, some sand toys, a kite and binoculars and we played and relaxed the rest of the afternoon.  What more could you ask for?

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach - water

beach water

bird and waves





beach run







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