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Zucchini Noodles

zucchini noodlesMy brother and I are recovering Zucchini-phobes.  One year when we were younger, our parents had a banner crop of Zucchini in the garden; from that year on we both have had an aversion to the stuff.  We are now in the recovery phase, trying to add the green squash back to our palettes with small steps.   This cooking technique is one of the few ways to eat zucchini that I have been able to appreciate with gusto. By using a julienne cut, the thin strips cook in less time and tend not to get to that dreaded mushy phase.  You can use a number of tools (like a mandolin or a knife and a skilled hand) but I like to use the Julienne Peeler I got from the Pampered Chef.   It is easy to use, store and clean.  Julienne Peeler

So here is how you do it.  First things first…grab a washed zucchini, knife and cutting board.

a lovely zucchiniSlice off the ends and any bad looking spots on the skin.

Slice off the yuckDrag the peeler along the length of the zucchini carefully and gently pull away the strips.  Using the peelerContinue this process until you get to the softer seed area and then rotate the zucchini to work on another side.  I find that the seedy area does not do well with this technique, so peel down until there is only that section remaining.  You can chop this up and add into your recipe or omit completely.

seedy leftoversFluff out the strips with your fingers and you are ready to enjoy.  Like I mentioned, the cooking time is much shorter because of the thin cut; so be mindful of that when making your meal.  Some of my favorite ways to use these zucchini noodles are: as pasta alternative, tossed in a stir fry or mixed with eggs for a light lunch.  This is such a simple technique and it turns zucchini into a whole new thing.  Give it a try!zucchini strips

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  1. You know if your Mom says she might have a bumper crop this year, that they live on 30+ acres. That could be some serious amount of zucchini.

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