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Valentine’s Mustache Pops


Last year I volunteered to bring in a special treat for my son’s school Valentine’s Day celebration.  They had a Preschool Valentine’s Ball and all the Dad’s were invited. (Mom’s had to wait for their own event at Mother’s Day)  I decided I wanted to do something different, and as a perfect nod to celebrating the Dad’s, I found this great mustache idea from Blonde Designs.  I made homemade, heart shaped mint chocolate pops and attached little foam mustaches to each stem.   When eating the pop, everyone looked like they were wearing a fake mustache…so cute!

william mustache

You could easily use the mustaches with store bought lollipops, but I chose to make my own chocolate pops.  Using a Wilton heart shaped mold and mint chocolate candy melts, I easily shaped my own yummy treats.  To keep the pops safe from grubby little fingers, I covered them with individual plastic treat bags and sealed them with scotch tape.


Using a template, we cut out foam mustaches and put a hole in the center of each.  Then we just slid the mustaches on each lollipop stem.

IMG_1521Finally I wanted created a display for the pops.  I used an empty, sealed cardboard box with a bunch of holes jabbed into the top.  (*make sure to pre-cut these holes so you don’t go crazy trying to get those buggers in!)  I covered the box in tissue paper and added the pops.  Finally, I decorated the display with mustaches and a description of the treats.  What a perfect way to celebrate a day with Dad’s!

Mustache Pops