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Spongebob Attitude Checker

673e3c082e1311e2b4d31231382047bc_7My son has a flare for the dramatic.  Some days he is peachy keen and other days he thinks everything is just “the worst.”  So my husband and I came up for a way to categorize each of the different moods by using Spongebob characters.  It is pretty amazing how this group of characters equal very specific moods of our child!  Now when our child is acting up, we will remind him which character he is acting like and who we would rather be around. Here is how it breaks down…




Spongebob – *the ideal attitude*

Friendly, cheerful, helpful, optimistic, loves to participate and try new things.








Patrick – *zombie attitude*

Zoned out, lazy, doesn’t listen, not bright







Squidward – *Mr. Grump*

Grumpy, inflexible, loner, uncooperative, negative








Mr.Krabs – *selfish*

greedy, self centered, controlling, obsessive







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